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Chair Aerobics are done using a chair to do aerobics movements. The chair must be sturdy with no arms. This will keep you or any other person off there feet while still doing exercise.

It is always important to not do to many strenuous movements that may harm you. This can lead to broken bones, strained muscles, and many other things. That is why there are so many injuries in sports that have strenuous movements. Chair aerobics should be a great alternative to doing any other aerobic exercises that use strenuous movements.

With chair aerobics you'll be able to do many exercises that are not strenuous like I said above. These exercises will not use a lot of resistance like you would have in the gym with weights and such. There are many exercises you can do with chair aerobics and below I will go through and tell you how you can do foot bounces.

Just one exercise of many you can do with chair aerobics is foot bounces. With foot bounces, you can practice balancing yourself and using your knees to get a nice abdominal workout. This is just another version of leg raises you can do when doing chair aerobics. Leg raises his pretty easy to do also. In a sitting position you lift your foot straight out in front of you so that your knee is not bent anymore. So using the foot bouncing aerobic exercise is just as good. You want to keep a slow steady pace.

There are many other chair aerobics exercises. Some such as heel-toe momentum, jumping jacks, and the jump rope. The heel-toe momentum works your ankles and calves with consistent movements that require back-forth stretches. If you decide to use this, you can develop well-toned calves that you would have with regular aerobics. Using chair aerobics exercises like the jumping jacks and arm/heel pushes can help develop your upper body. Upper body movements like these require more focus on the muscles being used than how fast you move. As it is an aerobic chair exercise, adding creative angles could give you better results.

There are a lot of things you can do with chair aerobics. Just learning these basics can give you a pretty good aerobic workout. Working out is important to our health so it is definitely wise to try any sort of aerobics. Chair aerobics will just get you off your feet and will not be a strenuous on your body.



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